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At Carla Design, we thrive to turn your spaces into stunning reflections of your vision.

With our cutting-edge 3D visualizations, you get a clear and lifelike representations, bringing your dream spaces to life with confidence and precision

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Business Owner

You want to design or redesign your company’s interior
in an engaging space full of energy for you & your employees,
encouraging them love being at the office rather than working from home.

Property Developer

You want to sell your property off-plan, or
advertise how the property would look like after the flipping.
And you want an expert that helps you in redesigning the interior, and providing you with the 3d visualization to start promoting it.

Architectural Office

You want to handle architectural design and
get an expert to handle the interiors in the planning and implementation phase on site, then let’s talk.

Interior Design Services

You have a wide range of possibilities to work with us, starting from a full interior design to partial services, here is a list of what you can expect:


When you work with, you are 100% ensure to get these standards, no matter which service you ask for

Hi, I am Karolina

Your interior designer

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1- call me at +45 22 60 88 08

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You don’t feel the warmth and positive vibes in your space?

Your interior doesn’t reflect your brand?

You feel something isn’t right with your interior space, Is it the color, the furniture, lighting, or just the design? you can’t spot it?

You go to Pinterest, YouTube, google, interior magazines and try to get some inspiration to find yourself overwhelmed and distracted with the tens of images that you like, 

But which one fits you?

Don’t worry, I have something that might help you.

Get my free interior design guide to help you orient your option and optimize your space.

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Our Process

We have refined our process to fit your schedule and workflow, here’s an over view. For a more detiled process, please schedule a call