About us

We often wonder if the interior we are in reflects our personality.
It is a room in which we feel good.
When visiting furniture stores, browsing through designs, we see some arrangements, but we cannot
decide if they would fit well in our rooms.

Whether you are planning to buy an apartment, house or sell it, our company will help you to design a
space that meets your requirements.
However, an important stage on the way to achieving desired effect is contacting an interior designer, who
will design your vision and give advice on what items of equipment, such as furniture, lighting, decorations,
colours and their functionality, will fit the arrangement.

Since graduating from the Academy of Art, working in design offices in Denmark, Poland, the design career
began with working on residential, office and commercial premises, thus gaining experience in working with
clients fulfilling their dreams.

We always put
attention for beauty
and usability